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Welcome to The Cross Stitch Studio!

We're a husband and wife team from Richmond, Virginia with dreams of pursuing creative endeavors in our golden years, We'd not had much luck finding the types of cross stitch projects we wanted to stitch - ones that so closely resembled a painting, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference. So in January 2018 we established The Cross Stitch Studio as a place to offer large, full coverage super-detailed cross stitch designs with a vintage theme.

One day while chatting with folks in our bustling Facebook group, I asked if they'd be interested in t shirts specifically designed for the cross stitch community. The answer was overwhelmingly positive and so here we are!

Thanks for visiting our stitchy corner(s) of the internet! We hope our designs give you a reason to smile. :)


Betsy & Mark, owners
The Cross Stitch Studio



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